Primary Aims & Objectives

1.1 To provide trainees with how to understand people with Specific Learning Disabilities.
1.2 To equip them with the knowledge and skills to help students, teachers, parents, and administrators to cope with the challenges they face.
1.3 To enable trainees to identify and implement the strategies involved in overcoming the difficulties faced because of Specific Learning Disabilities and work towards an Inclusive Society.


1.1 To understand the various dimensions of the challenges relating to the child, with Specific Learning Disabilities, and his/her family, in terms of causes, characteristics and specific problems.
1.2 To learn the dynamics of assessments in reading, writing, arithmetic, and intellectual functioning.
1.3 To study techniques of remediating to overcome or cope specific learning disabilities.
1.4 To promote advocacy & support group programs and inclusion.
1.5 To understand in depth the planning of infrastructural requirements, manpower training and the intricacies of inclusive education.


Students enrolled for the course should complete it in one year. The academic year general starts from June. Through the year students will be assessed on various ongoing assignments and tests. A set of examinations and practical/viva will be held at the end of the year. Students successfully completing the entire course will be eligible for the award of Certificate.

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50% Marks in a Bachelor’s Degree(any stream) from a recognized University.
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