Diploma in Special Education – Autism Spectrum Disorder  



  • To provide trainees with the understanding of Autism as a major disorder that is escalating day by day across the world.
  • To equip them with the knowledge and skills to help students, teachers, parents and administrators of special / regular schools, as well as the community to cope with the situation.
  • To enable trainees to implement the strategies involved in the process, in order that
  • individuals  with autism can  be included into the mainstream of special / regular education as well as  into the community and work place..



  • To understand the various dimensions of the problems relating to the person with Autism, and his/her family, in terms of causes, characteristics and specific problems.

  • To understand  the communication, social and behavioural characteristics of persons with  Autism,  and the Intervention techniques and  strategies involved.



  • To Collaboration and Teamwork Principles and Procedures.
  • Pro active Management Strategies of issues related to Autism .
  • Promoting  awareness and advocacy
  • Integration and inclusion



  • Minimum Graduates from any discipline  / Qualified Teachers     
  • Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders



  • Students enrolled for the course should complete it in one year. Through the year students will be assessed  on various ongoing assignments and tests. A set of examinations and practical/viva will be held at the end of the year. Students successfully completing the entire course will be eligible for the award of P.G.Diploma.       



  • The medium of instruction - English and the self- learning material is available in English 


  • The self-learning material is available as printed study material.


  • The one year course is divided into modules, each consisting of separate units tests and assignments on different topics are given. At the end of the year there will be a written examination will be conducted. A case study oral presentation, a case study written submission, a workbook/dissertation and viva completes the course. The entire evaluation will be for 2000 marks. A minimum of 40 % is required for passing.



  Combination of lecture, presentation, discussion and other active learning methods.  

Supervised practical work, observation, practice teaching, visits to Institutions.  Trainees will be placed  among various schools/centres designated for the purpose.

  One Academic Year  

80% (Eighty Percent) In addition all assignments, without exception, to be submitted on time.

  20 (Twenty Five)  
  Application to be submitted in the prescribed form attached, with the necessary Certificates and Testimonials, within the specified date.  
  Candidates will be selected on the basis of an interview.  They will be given a week’s joining time (from the time of intimation) after which they will forfeit their seats.  Decision taken by the selection committee will be final.