In the year 1978 a few parents of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities [PwIDDs] residing in Bangalore came together to form an Association to ensure together that there wards are provided with basic needs and also received the required training and other facilities and be part of the mainstream of life. Just KPAMRC was registered under the Societies Act on May 26, 1979.

The Association has come a long way over these 36 years and is responsible to create adequate manpower to provide necessary training for their wards and also assist the parents and relatives on a continuous basis by way of councelling and guidance.

KPAMRC soon realized that there was urgent need for special educators to educate and train the children to enable them to lead an independent life. KPAMRC pioneered the Teacher Training Programme when no one in the country was even thinking about it.

Courses in Mental Retardation  were started in the 70s, Learning Disabilities in the 80s and autism in the 90s. Over 1000 special educators are working in different special schools and institutions all over the country.  It is a singular contribution of KPAMRC towards Manpower development in the field of mental retardation and other developmental disabilities.

The Association over the last three decades is making all out efforts to sensitize the community by way of organizing workshops, seminars, conferences and one to one interactive sessions.  The Association is also bringing out newsletters and publishing books and papers to create awareness.  The Association over a decade ago realized that a way has to be found to provide an answer, atleast partially to answer the question of the senior parents what after us? Thanks to the support extended by few parents by way of donating land to the Association, a project named ‘Vishwashanti Niketan’ has been developed near Bangalore for long term residential care for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The efforts of KPAMRC has been recognized both at the State and National level. The Association has received numerous awards and commendations including the State and the National Awards.

KPAMRC also entered into an MoU with Life Insurance Trusteeship Scheme [LITs] to form  a Group Insurance Scheme and help special persons financially when the parents are no more.